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Liberty or Death Tattoo Time Lapse

The client was looking for a tattoo to represent his views of government and this is what we came up with. Thanks for watching!


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Song: Trail to Your Destiny
by TeknoAXE


Viking Skull Tattoo

A good start to a Valhalla themed back piece. View more news and videos at our youtube page.  



Dancing with Death Tattoo Time lapse.

Tattooed this day of the dead tattoo a little bit ago.  Will be uploading more videos soon!


Compass Tattoo Timelapse Video

Tattooed this on a client that traveled from Colorado to Sioux Falls, SD.  Had a lot of fun working on this tattoo.  The tattoo is on the clients left shoulder / upper arm.  We also etched in the coordinates for his favorite place onto the compass.


8 hour tattoo in 2 minutes

Check out our newest timelapse video!



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